Paresh Pindolia

Paresh Pindolia

Trainee Bookkeeper



Paresh is our newest and youngest team member. He achieved his AATQB after two years work in accounting as an apprentice and completing level 3 AAT. Paresh is currently studying to gain the full Level 4 AAT qualification and become MAAT. He has had exposure to a variety of client work including Bookkeeping, VAT and Management for different types of businesses - Pharmacies, Franchises, Brokers and Property.


Outside work Paresh is very socially active, he plays football regularly, likes art and shopping and is soon to take on a weekend football coach role.

Nickname: Paresh Pérez

Strengths: teamwork, optimistic and success-oriented

Favourite Food: chocolate fudge cake with ice cream

Guilty Pleasure: binge watching and ordering take out

Favourite Music: Pop/Rap/Party

Most likely to say: Cool Cool