Paresh Pindolia - Ask The Boss

Paresh Pindolia

Trainee Bookkeeper



Paresh is our newest and youngest team member. He achieved his AATQB after two years work in accounting as an apprentice and completing level 3 AAT. Paresh is currently studying to gain the full Level 4 AAT qualification and become MAAT. He has had exposure to a variety of client work including Bookkeeping, VAT and Management for different types of businesses - Pharmacies, Franchises, Brokers and Property.


Outside work Paresh is very socially active, he plays football regularly, likes art and shopping and is soon to take on a weekend football coach role.

Nickname: Paresh Pérez

Strengths: teamwork, optimistic and success-oriented

Favourite Food: chocolate fudge cake with ice cream

Guilty Pleasure: binge watching and ordering take out

Favourite Music: Pop/Rap/Party

Most likely to say: Cool Cool